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The concept of “telepresence”

Until today, the development of telepresence has been linked to that of telecommunications, such as the last technological turn toward a more direct communication and nearby. However, the concept of “telepresence”, intended as such, does not necessarily possess this “communicative” intention.  The concept of telepresence does not involve the exchange of “messages”.  Telepresence seeks the phenomenon of presence to distance, the utopia to make present the distance. Of course, such a presence can consist of coded messages (a voice that carries words, for example), but the telepresence does not have to be reduced to them. All telecommunications is a form of telepresence, but not all telepresence is telecommunication.

The telepresence goes beyond telecommunications.

Thus, the development of telepresence doesn’t necessarily have to be directed to only make more intelligible messages; it is not a matter of debugging the systems from the point of view of “communication”, but from the point of view of the real presence of phenomenon brought from a distance.

This is an idea that articulates the HOSPES Project.