Generative ceiling installation
Paisaiaren murmurioa / Cuando el paisaje habla
Sala de Exposiciones, Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, Donostia-San Sebastián.
Commissioned by: Diputacion Foral de
Curator: Ana Salaberria
Software: VVVV
Technical production: ARTEKLAB
Text : Maria Jose Aranzasti, from catalogue of the exhibition.


Anamnesis (2015), a generative software that projects images on the ceiling after reducing it to its mathematical essentials, geometries and color, an open square, depending on different devices and variables. “I stand as an observer, the work. It is independent of me, it builds itself. It is hard to think how it will be in an exact moment, it has much to do with contemplation, like entering a meditative state “Jaime says. By this , watching its intrinsic dynamism and discovering you are giving meaning to form. The possibilities are many, depending on the degree of observation it can be landscapes, reliefs or architectures. “It is an infinite selfbecoming” emphasizes Jaime. With math, like the brush, it will produce colors: red, green, blue …
It is a system of creation, direct, very conceptual, autopoetic that can hold infinite possibilities, as the Babel Library.

“The work is a distributed system that immerses us in future facts. The light that we noticed between the structure is the presence of his memory and evokes nonexistent spaces through contemplation, like constructivist architecture emerges invoking its past and projecting its future, “summarizes Jaime de los Rios. The placement of a hammock in the room gives the viewer the possibility to lie down comfortably and watch the images emanating from the roof of this subtle installation.

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