The TWITTER BOT hybridize a photo reference for a moment or an important place in both cities. Made thanks to   Air-WRO  program and DSS2016 - Etxepare Institute.



The words are gone with the wind, and it pushes candles carrying desires, harmony and understanding, peace and exchange; and a carrier pigeon materializes itself in marine, explorer and representative of a culture that constantly regenerates coexistence giving and receiving. and once again befalls us this opportunity for learning and collaboration with a sister city in a celebration of culture (Kultura; eusk and Culture; Polish Lowland.). The journey of language has no limits, as sailing, words become hybridized and take identity from one place to another, aesthetics, customs and knowledge are hybridized and so a Pidgin * is born.  In it we find identity words, which images are master keys of exchange. I wish to make a metaphor, build a vehicle that trace a bridge between Worklaw and Donostia and find common ground through the emergency. My goal is to promote a system which in my case is a social network one, allowing the free flow of ideas between the two cities, without intermediaries, and also happens live, mixing voices. If my artistic work has led me to perform different installations, sculptures or digital paintings, are the collaborative actions that I have loved the most, those in my way of generating software or hardware promotes worlds of possibilities that give people creative skills , which is the cornerstone of my aesthetic puzzle. I guess for this call a collective, open and visible, contagious work. To do this I propose to develop digital works that consist of images and are accompanied by words. My support will be the social network Twitter, the messenger bird that transmits in milliseconds and makes getting words and images to all people of the world alike. But it is not me who will manufacture the images, I create an algorithm, a bot, robot software, which converge the information of the two cities on the social network. Any user to enter keywords or # # DSS2016  wroclaw2016 is an active participant, if accompanied by his twit with a photo, it will be part of the composition and as a thank receive, a twit will be a digital piece with a word in Basque and its translation in Polish, primordial words of our new Pidgin. Of course I do not want to leave anyone without their digital work, so I also propose that people who twits without a photo are also awarded for promoting the much desired 2016, in this case the BOT hybridize a photo reference for a moment or an important place in both cities.

take this participatory work at a tangible level, t the presentation of this platform is in form of cultural guerrilla, a generator, a computer, a projector and the streets of Wroclaw to spread the spirit, to promote the meeting through art. I feel that is a very addictive work, exchange of knowledge, two languages, and finally a new bridge between cultures.

Made at    Air-WRO  program and DSS2016