I collect the writings of Borges in "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius": “The world for them is not a contest of objects in space; It is a heterogeneous series of independent acts. It is successive, temporary, not spatial. There are no nouns … There is no word that corresponds to the word Moon, but there is a verb that would be in Spanish to moon or be Mooned. Xul Solar translated it briefly:
Upward, behind the onstreaming it mooned.


Scintillant is a system activated by 400 mirrors and the rhythm of the wind. Its construction inspired by a natural order, in this case the movement and organization of a school of fish, gives the system emerging properties, unexpected behaviors at a higher level arising from the interaction of its identical components.
A second order biomimetic construction imitating as many forms and dynamics that can be seen in nature.
The artistic doing of Jaime de los Ríos, Artist and curator of new media, founder of the ARTEKLAB laboratory; Art & Science always stands in this contemplative way, and then later collect what is observed in the form of mathematics and apply this knowledge to the Art of movement, music and The architecture of nature.

As in Borges’ fantastic inspirational and initiatory story, at the installation at the Artha festival, Kunsthal, the high school of design combines scientific and spatial knowledge with Jaime and Susana Zaldivar to offer a changing work of art, twinkling effect of a silver school of fish reflecting the lights and shapes that surround it like a pixelated mirror, a movement of silver plates that simulate the fish, giving off light reflections or reflecting their surroundings like a broken mirror. A mirage that catches the sun, the sky and the elements of the town of San Juan de luz. ( Black & White Photography by Jon Cazenave whose whose gaze enriches the work and elevates it to the greatest spiritual state. http://joncazenave.com/photography )