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Sistematurgy prozesuak is an evolving collaborative experience, a performative installation made in the wake of Sistematurgia workshop given by Marcel.Li Antunez (Fura) in Arteleku-Tabakalera. A collaborative work in which participated different artists, performers, architects … and in which the relationship between space, time and the network is scanned.

The work will be presented in the form of performative immersive installation, and at the same time will be open as interactive installation. Visitors who will activate the movement of the work.

The stage will be the Guardetxe Urgull. Transformed into a virtual tour done with free software and hardware for several months and presented now to all those lovers of art, science, open knowledge and new technologies of all ages. We invite you to experience a dive of 720 degrees, an initiatory journey to other ways of relating to our universe!